Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto appointed Ernesto Nemer Álvarez Federal Attorney for Consumers

Nemer Álvarez holds a degree in law and has completed diploma courses in Public Administration and Social Policy at  the Universidad Iberoamericana and in Public Administration at INAP.

In the government, he served as Under-Minister of Social and Human Development at the Ministry of Social Development. He has also been Private Secretary to the Federal Attorney for Consumers, Private Secretary to the Minister of the Interior and Coordinator of Presidential Events.

In the government of the State of Mexico, he was Minister of Administration, Minister of Social Development and Secretary General of Government. In the legislative sphere, he was Local Deputy for the XXXV District and Chairman of the Political Coordination Board of the State of Mexico.

The president instructed the new PROFECO to strengthen the promotion and protection of consumer rights and ensure equality, legal certainty and security in relations between consumers and goods and service providers.