· The development of Central America is undoubtedly crucial to enabling Mexico to achieve conditions of greater development, he said.

· At the National Palace, he received the President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado, who is on an official visit to Mexico.

·  This visit confirms the fraternal and brotherly ties with Honduras, and commits us to moving forward together in efforts that will make it possible to achieve greater prosperity and development for our societies, he said.

· Mexico is already the largest investor in Honduras, he said.

· Mexico has turned its gaze towards its Central American neighbors: Juan Orlando Hernández.

President Enrique Peña Nieto declared today, within the framework of the official visit to our country by President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado, that "Mexico wishes to establish mechanisms of support and collaboration to promote the development and prosperity of the Central American region.”

He said that today, “Mexico is committed to supporting and above all, to finding additional cooperation mechanisms to the efforts already underway in Honduras and other sister countries such as  El Salvador and Guatemala" in the Partnership for Prosperity.

In a press statement issued by the two leaders, after the meeting held at the National Palace, President Peña Nieto said that Mexico and Honduras, “Share the view that, in order for the development and welfare of our country to be optimal and prosperous, it is also necessary for Honduras and Central America to prosper.”

He stressed the importance of Mexico and Honduras working together and finding cooperation mechanisms, “To promote greater integration and closer ties between our peoples and our entrepreneurs, and above all to continue promoting the development of our societies.”

The Mexican president said that the development of the Central American region is undoubtedly crucial to ensuring that Mexico also achieves conditions of greater development.” Therefore, he added, the governments of Mexico and Honduras obviously share a joint vision, “To join us in this government effort to allow our societies to achieve conditions of greater welfare conditions and further development.”

"Mexico is a proudly Latin American country, a proudly Mesoamerican country, and of course one that has historically had fraternal ties with Honduras,” he said.

He said that during this first official visit to Mexico by a Honduran President, these ties, “Are reaffirmed and endorsed, and will definitely commit us to moving forward together in efforts that achieve greater prosperity and development for our societies.”

The two leaders also witnessed the signing of various agreements, which President Peña Nieto explained:

· The Declaration of Mexico, which opens up new avenues of bilateral cooperation on important issues such as migration, environment and gender equality. Agreements on customs, trade and natural gas transport, involving projects that have been promoted by the governments of Mexico and Honduras, were also ratified.

· The Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico and the Honduran Institute of Tourism strengthens our cooperation in tourism, especially in areas of sports, adventure and nature tourism.

The Cooperation Agreement on Copyright and Related Rights was signed, which will make it possible to exchange knowledge, experiences and best practices in this matter.

The Mexican president said that Mexico has already become the leading investor in Honduras. “Our entrepreneurs are working and engaging in discussions to broaden the economic and trade relations we have between Honduras and Mexico,” he said.

"On the path to improving the quality of life of our societies, I am sure that Mexico and Honduras will continue moving forward together, as we have done with other challenges, with the strength of unity, cooperation and generosity.”

He expressed his wish that, “What we have worked on today will make it possible to bring our societies even closer together and especially to continue to promote the prosperity and development of our nations.”


President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado said that in President Peña Nieto’s administration, “Central Americans, particularly Honduras, have felt that Mexico has turned its gaze towards its Central American neighbors.”

He said that as a result of the Declaration of Mexico, and the talks held today, at which he presented the investment plan Honduras has defined for the next six years, “The reaction of the private sector has also been very dynamic, very interested; which indicates that today more than ever, relations between Mexico and Honduras are at their best. “

He said that  significant progress has been made in trade between Honduran and Mexican entrepreneurs, which he described as extremely vibrant and robust.

He noted that the success Honduras, “Is achieving in gradually recovering peace and tranquility, also has to do with the support of our neighbors.” This is due to the fact that the first high-level group on security formed by Honduras was with Mexico, as a result of which it organized similar groups with the United States, and other neighboring countries.

He thanked the Mexican president for his will and desire, "To support Guatemala, Honduras, and of course, our Salvadoran brothers in this effort to build a zone of peace and prosperity in the region, through the Partnership for Prosperity.” He declared: that this means, “Attacking the root causes of irregular migration in our region.”

He also thanked Mexico for its support in terms of training its consular corps, “To properly serve our compatriots on the migrants’ route,” noting that joint efforts  will be undertaken to identify the most expeditious route to ensure that it is a decorous route rather than one that involves suffering.

 Later, during the luncheon offered in his honor by the President Peña Nieto, the Honduran president said that, “Today, as there has rarely been in the history between Mexico and Honduras, there is a special moment in our relations.”

 “I have rarely seen the brotherhood that your government, Mr. President, has shown toward Honduras,” he said, stressing that, “Today more than ever I think it is stronger and very dynamic." Therefore, he toasted, “The health of a visionary man like President Peña Nieto, who turned his gaze, like many of you entrepreneurs and leaders, towards Central America."

He said that relations between Mexico and the northern triangle of Central America is one of good brothers; “Like the neighbors we are and as President Peña Nieto has said, growth in prosperity, opportunities, better living conditions for the Mexican people, also involves the prosperity and well-being of its neighbors. That's what family and relatives do and what Latin American peoples should do.”