· Our national flag reflects the values and aspirations of 120 million people. Our flag projects everything that makes us feel proudly Mexican, he declared.

· The people of Iguala should be known for their strengths, their warmth and their strength of character for achieving success in favor of their community, he said.

· He led the ceremony commemorating the 195th anniversary of Flag Day.

As he led the commemoration of Flag Day in this municipality, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that, “Throughout the nation's history, Mexicans have found again and again that the best path to the future is the path of law and institutions.

He said that it was in this municipality in Iguala 195 years ago that our Independence was defined and our national flag was created. “On a day like today in 1821, the Plan of Iguala was proclaimed to finalize the independence of our country.” Soon after, Vicente Guerrero y Iturbide decided to form the Army of the Three Guarantees, flying for the first time the colors that now give identity to all Mexicans,” he said.

The president said that our flag, “Is the symbol of national unity, and reflects the women and men who give life to our country.”

“Our national flag reflects the values and aspirations of 120 million people. Our flag projects everything that makes us feel proudly Mexican,” he declared.

President Peña Nieto said that on the long road to independent Mexico, “Our country has overcome great challenges. We have emerged strengthened from each of them. Since those years of struggle for our independence, every generation has been called upon to demonstrate its love and loyalty to the nation, always guided by our national flag.”

H added that, “Thanks to the work the Mexicans who have preceded us, Mexico is one of the world's most respected nations; It is valued because of the splendor of its past and closely followed because of its promising future.”

He declared that although like any country, we still have tests to pass, “It is important to evaluate and highlight the strengths that define our nation: after a convulsive 19th century, a dictatorship and a revolution, there have been more than eight decades of political stability, in which power is transmitted in an orderly, peaceful manner.

He said that this stability, “Is also present in our economy today: We have spent two decades strengthening the country’s macroeconomic bases with sound public finances, an independent monetary policy and a solid banking system.”

However, the president declared, “Mexico’s greatest asset and source of pride has been, is and always will be its people. Mexicans are a cheerful and generous, hardworking and talented people; a responsible, committed people who love their country and their flag.”

He said the best example of this are the men and women who make up our respected, esteemed Armed Forces. "The soldiers, marines and airmen of Mexico are loyal, brave and professional people, always at the service of the country, always prepared to defend our national flag and all that it represents. Our Armed Forces have come from the people and are always prepared to serve the people,” he said.

At the ceremony, President Peña Nieto said that the regrettable events that took place in Iguala in September 2014 proved  the need for further progress on the path of law and institutions.

Since then, for a year and five months, he added, “The Mexican government has made a comprehensive, institutional effort to seek justice on the basis of a profound, transparent and open investigation, with the cooperation of various international bodies.”

He said that Iguala is an emblematic municipality in our national history. “It cannot remain marked by these tragic events. The people of Iguala deserve to be known for their strengths, their warmth and their strength of character for achieving success for the benefit of their community, he added.

He noted that for this purpose, “We are working with the government of Guerrero, to create conditions of security and development for its people. In this spirit, the government will continue to drive changes that will strengthen the capabilities of the Mexican state in all spheres of national life.”

He added that the aim is to create conditions to ensure a basic floor of welfare for the whole of Mexican society, to ensure development opportunities for all. “We must continue to build a basic floor of well-being, reduce inequality and strengthen national cohesion, which will bring us together and give us identity, just as our national flag unites us and gives us identity," he said.

He declared that in this goal, we all have something to contribute. “We all have a responsibility to fulfill.” We are all prepared to give our best to continue building a better nation,” he said.

Earlier, President Peña Nieto led the ceremony of hoisting a monumental flag. He also swore in 300 bodyguards belonging to the Units and Facilities of the Army, Air Force and Navy, as well as schools attached to the Ministry of Education.


Chairman of the Board of the Senate, Roberto Gil Zuarth, said that, “We honor the flag and the national coat of arms as an emotional expression of our patriotism, but our current situation requires us to go beyond the mere contemplation of the symbol. The flag and the coat of arms should elicit a socially useful form of patriotism in us, a patriotism of action, a militant, committed patriotism.” 

The mission of this patriotism of action, he continued, “Is to encourage responsibility, a sense of justice, and solidarity to recognize oneself in the pain and shortcomings of the other.”

He emphasized that in Iguala "We realized the fragility of our society. We realized that in some parts of the country the bonds of humanity and solidarity between us are broken.” Criminals, he explained, “Will not be beaten by a fruitless exchange of accusations or from the blind instinct of revenge, much less from the politicking that uses pain as an instrument of incitement and anger.” 

"Criminals are defeated,” he said, “And peace is achieved by restoring the social fabric and strengthening our institutions; with the serenity of truth and the responsible construction of justice; with the firm intention of making life in society both possible and peaceful.”

“That of Iguala should be an active patriotism, the patriotism of the community, the patriotism of those who are united, the patriotism of memory,” he declared.


Governor of Guerrero Héctor Astudillo said that the presence of President Peña Nieto, “Is expressed in Guerrero in a new, inclusive,  prosperous program which, through social policy, strengthens the bonds of our communities and social sectors to improve nutrition, health and employment.”

He said that without the president’s will, Guerrero would have found it difficult to overcome the hurricanes or deal with evil criminals.

"We cannot ignore the deep wound for Mexicans, and especially for the people of Guerrero caused by the tragedy of Iguala, the innocent people who were killed or injured, and the disappearance of 43 students of the Rural Teaching College of Ayotzinapa,” he said.

He stressed that, "This is the time for the people of Guerrero, the time to overcome our bonds and once and for all, to take firm steps towards prosperity.”

Astudillo Flores said that no president has visited the state of Guerrero as often as President Peña Nieto, and said that the presence today of the branches of government and members of the Federal Executive Branch is no minor issue: “It is, above all, a sign of encouragement by a government led by President Enrique Peña Nieto towards a people with hopes of prosperity and justice.”

"It is also an act vindicating the Mexican state in the eyes of the people of Iguala and the people of Guerrero,” he said.