President Enrique Peña Nieto conversed with the beneficiary families of the various forms of support provided by the Prospera Program, answering questions from some of the attendees.

He said that the government’s central commitment is to fight poverty and the food shortages experienced by millions of Mexicans; assure them of the right to education and health, and support the productive projects they wish to undertake, which they are sometimes prevented from doing due to a lack of resources or training.


In the government’s social policy, PROSPERA is the main program.

Over six million families receive financial support to increase their incomes and provide a better quality of life for their families.

Over six million grants are awarded to PROSPERA families, in addition to 1.7 scholarships granted by the Education Secretariat to students studying at college.

He also noted that during this government, in the  65 and Over Program, the number of beneficiaries has doubled by extending benefits to people over the age of 65.

"This has doubled the number of beneficiaries, from two and a half million to over five million”: EPN

There are now over 5,200 community kitchens in various parts of the country, where a million meals are served daily.

There are 55 million beneficiaries of the Popular Insurance Scheme, in other words, five million more than at the beginning of this administration.

Over 5 million women have Female Heads of Household Insurance, which ensures that in the event of their deaths, their children will have the necessary financial support to be able to study until college.

According to data from the Mexican Social Security Institute, in January of this year, 83,000 formal jobs were created in the country.

More than 2.4 million jobs have been created during this administration.

This figure, he added, “is comparable to all the jobs created in any other administration. In the four years of this administration, more jobs have been created than during the full presidential terms of any other government”. EPN

He reported that between 2015 and 2016, Mexico recorded 9 percent more foreign visitors, with figures rising from 32 to 35 million.

The National Institute of Entrepreneurship was also created to provide young entrepreneurs with training, advice, and funding. 

Financing of up to 500,000 pesos will be provided for those who have a project, at preferential rates.

 “We are here to tell you that the government has a single priority: to alleviate poverty in our country and combat the food shortages suffered by millions of people; ensure their right to education; ensure their right to health; support them in productive projects they wish to undertake and sometimes are prevented from doing so due to lack of funds, credit or training. These are the programs that the government prioritizes”: EPN