By: Enrique Peña Nieto

However, substantial work remains be done before we can achieve strong, sustainable growth and create quality employment for this and future generations.

The agenda proposed by Turkey, as current chairman of the G20, focusses on increasing real investment as a key element for promoting growth, inclusion and infrastructure. In this respect, our countries have developed innovative ways to strengthen the investment climate, increase the efficiency of infrastructure and promote access to finance for small and medium enterprises.

Mexico’s investment strategy seeks to harness the numerous benefits created by the reforms passed in 2013 and 2014. These structural changes promote competitiveness, productivity and inclusive growth. They are driving Mexico towards its true economic potential and strengthening its solid economic foundations. I have also submitted an initiative to Congress to create three Special Economic Zones in the south. This measure will attract investment through incentives such as the one-stop window, training and labor certification, and special customs procedures.

I would therefore like to thank the President of Turkey for inviting Mexico to participate as co-chair of the Working Group for Investment and Infrastructure G20 (IIWG). This group has promoted specific investment strategies by country, which will help us improve efficiency in capital spending by the public sector. In this respect, Mexico’s National Infrastructure Plan seeks to increase the coverage and quality of infrastructure.

This includes over 700 projects, to be developed in the coming years, with an estimated investment of over $500 billion dollars.

Inclusion is a priority for Mexico. The creation of the National Institute of Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneur Support Network seeks to ensure that all good Mexican ideas receive guidance and support for setting up business, launching a new product or providing quality services. We are also facilitating access to funding for young entrepreneurs under 30.The Youth Credit Program for Young provides support for obtaining resources of over $ 9.000 US dollars to set up their own businesses, or of over $150,000 to consolidate an existing company.

In short, as an actor with global responsibility, Mexico supports sustainable development and promotes inclusive growth. We commend the leadership of Turkey for its innovative agenda to address the dynamic challenges of the global economy. International coordination efforts have undoubtedly improved the design and implementation of our policies, creating new paths and opportunities for future cooperation with other members of the G20.
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