President Enrique Peña Nieto opened the new Surgical Tower at the “Dr. Eduardo Liceaga” Mexico General Hospital

During the event, he presented the Medical Merit Award 2015 to Dr. Octavio Rivero Serrano as a well-earned tribute to his passion and commitment to health, teaching and research and his outstanding contributions to medicine in the field of Pneumology.

He congratulated Mexico’s nurses on their day, expressing his highest appreciation and gratitude.

New Tower of Mexico General Hospital

In these three years of government, more than 34 billion pesos have been invested in the entire health sector, for the completion, construction and modernization of health infrastructure.

This effort includes the new Surgical Tower of Mexico General Hospital, inaugurated today.

Built with a 730 million peso investment, this complex will serve 15 million users, who will be able to gain access to specialized interventions such as transplants, heart surgery and neurosurgery. 

Over 110 years, Mexico General Hospital has been a mainstay of health care, research and teaching in our country. It annually provides more than 1 million consultations and approximately 140,000 surgeries and transplants, an average of 3,000 consultations and 300 surgical procedures per day. 

With the new tower, the hospital will concentrate the greatest technological advances to offer the best treatment. This year will also see the completion of two additional towers for this hospital, with an investment of 400 million pesos: the Pneumology and Cardiology Tower and the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Tower.

Nurses' Day

Eighty-five years ago, January 6 was instituted as the date to commemorate and acknowledge nurses’ dedication. 

The president expressed his congratulations and appreciation: "You are a key element for the functioning of the National Health System. Without you, it would be literally impossible to treat, and cure the millions of Mexicans who visit health institutions. 

Congratulations and above all, thank you for your everyday work on behalf of people’s lives and well-being.