They also provide guarantees for national and international investments.

This is the first time Mexico has proposed this productive development policy, designed with the aim of creating industrial development poles in the southeast of the country.

Special Economic Zones are a different way of promoting productivity, characterized by:

-Direct tax benefits for investment and employment.

- Special Customs Regime

- Foreign trade facilities

- Regulatory Framework to speed up setting up business.

- Competitive infrastructure that ensures logistic connectivity to different parts of the country and international markets.

- Special Financing from Development Banking.

- Support for job training and technological innovation.

- Urban planning and the orderly development of housing in the surrounding areas.

Worldwide, SEZs have proved an effective measure in over 3,500 experiences in countries such as Brazil, South Korea and China.

Under this model, Special Economic Zones in Mexico are designed to accelerate the process of reducing the historical lag in southern Mexico.