President Enrique Peña Nieto concluded his activities at the G-20 Leaders’ Summit, in the city of Hangzhou in China.

During the Summit, the Mexican president told US President Barack Obama of the Mexican government’s gratitude for his cooperation and for having worked throughout his administration on a path of great cooperation, with specific goals they have set in various areas.

He told the US president of the Mexican government’s decision to remain absolutely respectful of the democratic process the United States is undergoing.

Both leaders confirmed their desire to continue the productive bilateral agenda they are implementing as regards the economy, academic exchange, security and migration, until the end of their mandate.

 “We thanked him for the enormous collaboration between his government and the Mexican government to work together on shared issues and solve common problems”. EPN

Meeting with the President of China

President Xi Jinping stressed the interest Chinese companies have shown in operating new flight routes to Mexico to tap the growing flow of tourists to Mexico.

Between 2014 and 2015, tourism from China grew by nearly 30 percent.

“China's presidency of this G20 stressed the need to promote innovative economy as a means of generating development, a more interconnected economy and, above all, an inclusive economy”: EPN

Meeting with the British Prime Minister

With Prime Minister Theresa May, the Mexican president agreed that the way to achieve higher growth is through free trade.

Mexico underlined the UK’s importance as one of the leading foreign investors in Mexico.

“I expressed my interest, which was shared, that once they leave the European Union, we can establish bilateral relations with the United Kingdom, in order to build a free trade agreement”: EPN